Dave Parkhill
CEO, PrecisionProfile

Farnaz Erfan
Senior Director, Product Marketing and Strategy, Paxata

PrecisionProfile a bioinformatics technology company focuses on enabling oncologists and research scientists to rapidly analyze genomic profiles and create personalized treatment plans for cancer patients. 

Like most organizations, PrecisionProfile struggled with the most time-consuming part of every analytics exercise - combing, cleaning, and shaping data into actionable information. With self-service data preparation, they were able to design and develop a platform to accelerate data pipelines, enabling scientists to spend more time analyzing data and formulating how they can leverage it to save lives.

View this webcast to learn:

  • Empower researchers and oncologists to spend a fraction of their time restructuring data
  • Reduced cycle time of a genomic clinical study from 1-3 months to 2-8 hours
  • Enabled completion of an advanced research project in 2 years instead of 3

This webcast is designed for CDOs, CIOs, Head of Analytics, and Data Practitioners across all industries who are looking to significantly improve business outcomes by reducing the amount of time preparing data and focus more time on analyzing the data.