Date: Thursday June 1st

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm (PST)

Speaker: John Doe, CEO, Paxata

Data and analytics leaders are feeling the pressure from rapidly increasing amounts of unprocessed data in data lakes. The true value of data lakes comes from the analytics insights they provide – but deriving value from them requires interpretation and preparation skills that only sophisticated, tech-savvy users possess.

Download this Gartner report to learn how to:

  • Enable value creation on data lakes by accommodating users' skills and preferences in ways that make it easiest for those users to adopt analytics.
  • Mix and match four analytics design patterns to maximize the efficiency of extracting value from the data sources in the lakes by starting with a single pattern and developing a further implementation roadmap.
  • Identify the right technologies to implement the analytics and machine-learning designs that make sense in the context of the overall enterprise architecture.