Today’s line of business and data management teams are faced with an array of data preparation products, tools and techniques – everything from modern self-service solutions to legacy comprehensive platforms to in-house development.

The diversity of data prep use cases, variety of business requirements, and broad range of user skills and expertise are complicating the data preparation tool selection process. To choose the best fit for your organization, you must compare your typical use cases and user profiles against a variety of evaluation criteria.

In this 30 minute webcast, Dave Wells, Practice Director of Data Management at Eckerson Group, and Farnaz Erfan, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Paxata, will discuss:

  • Critical criteria for evaluating and selecting data preparation solutions
  • How to best match solutions to your unique environments, users, and use cases
  • The value derived from addressing data quality and data governance issues
  • Paxata’s unique capabilities, business results, and use cases