Date: Thursday June 1st

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm (PST)

Speaker: John Doe, CEO, Paxata

How companies interact with their data is undergoing rapid change. Correct handling of the huge amount of available data can lead to economic benefits, but making that data usable as well as available can be a challenge.

Download this eBook for best practices to ensure you don’t drown in your data. Self-service data preparation, automated machine learning, and CEO leadership are among the key factors leading to strategic use of your data. Articles include:

  • How Self-service Data Prep is Disrupting Information Management: A Q&A with Farnaz Erfan
  • Tips For Making Your Data Lake Thrive
  • Factors Driving Enterprise Self-service Data Preparation Growth
  • Time to Renovate: Updating the Foundation of Data Analytics
  • Data Science Automation For Big Data and IoT Environments
  • Automation Is the New Reality for Big Data Initiatives
  • How to Turn Big Data into Insights and Action
  • Make a Big Impact with Big Data: 5 Lessons for Leaders
  • Digital Transformation: Time to Move Beyond ‘Human Speed’
  • How Big Data and AI Help Us Tackle The World’s Biggest Problems in 2017 and Beyond